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Kopi, A Travelers Cafe

"Kopi's my favorite.  Since 1991. I feel I've traveled my whole life to get here. The coffee, superb.  The staff, spot on. The boutique, hip and chic. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open early. Open late. The menu's serious if you're hungry, hilarious if you're not.  Mostly vegetarian. Vegan and gluten free friendly. The wines, dignified.  The cocktails, knock out. The pastries...oh, you will eat pastries.  The music's cool swing, and here's the thing--the people at the tables, they are talking to one another.  They are smiling and laughing and being together. And sometimes they fall in love. Even if you're by yourself, you're not alone at Kopi. People are here to be not with their machines, but with each other.  Imagine that. Now stop imagining and go.  You don't need a passport to hang at Kopi, but if you're there, you've probably got one."   

- M. Bordenave



(773) 989-5674



5317 N Clark St
Chicago, Illinois


Monday: 8am–11pm
Tuesday: 8am–11pm
Wednesday: 8am–11pm
Thursday: 8am–11pm
Friday: 8am–12am
Saturday: 9am–12am
Sunday: 10am–11pm